You can be a part of a major change in our community!  We are embarking on improving Coconut Creek High School’s graduation rate and reputation.  Coconut Creek High School was the first high school constructed in the City; built in 1972.  With enrollment at 1,600, only 29% of the students are proficient in reading and 43% in math.  72% of the student body is considered economically challenged.  With these stats come a myriad of obstacles.  So our mission, if you choose to partake, is to set goals to help these kids become college or workforce-training ready. 

We have some ideas that may include a Medical Science Academy with an emphasis on EMT, Sports and Vet Medicine.  The School Board and the City intend to establish collaborative partnerships with the schools along the Education Corridor on Coconut Creek Parkway to assist with this substantial challenge. 
But we also want to hear from you.  What are your thoughts on the Medical Science Academy?  We also seek positive and constructive ideas on raising the status of this school.  Remember, it takes a village to raise a child.  Your input is appreciated.

Note:  any disparaging statements will be deleted from this conversation. 

Thank you.

The City ends each February with an annual anniversary celebration - our Butterfly Festival.  If you attended, please share your overall thoughts, impressions, and suggested improvements. 

This year, we will celebrate our 50th anniversary!  Any ideas on how to showcase our city?

View 2016 Festival pics here.



During this budget cycle, the City Commission approved funding in the Capital Improvement Program for the renovation of Windmill Park. 

City staff is reaching out to Coconut Creek residents to gather input regarding this 2.4 million dollar project.  Amenities that have been discussed to-date include but are not limited to: renovations to existing tennis, volleyball, basketball and racquet ball courts, the addition of pickle ball courts, improvements to the dog park, additional parking, and a fitness walking course with exercise equipment throughout the park.

Prior to developing the plans, staff is seeking input from residents regarding the aforementioned improvements and/or any additional improvements that residents would like the City to consider.  Public meetings will be held in an effort to obtain public input and, in addition to residents, the meetings will include participation of the City’s Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, as well as, the City Commission.   If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to provide input for consideration, please submit your input here. 

The deadline for submitting input is Thursday, February 26, 2015.

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Thank you for your input!


The City of Coconut Creek, in partnership with the Broward County Parks and Recreation Department, is undertaking a visioning initiative to create a common vision for Hillsboro Boulevard.  As part of this initiative, the City has retained Dorsky + Yue International Architects as a consultant who will create a Vision Plan for the corridor. This Vision Plan shall not only focus on economic development along the corridor, but also showcase the existing environmental preserve areas along and around Hillsboro Boulevard.

Several natural areas along the Hillsboro Boulevard Corridor are owned by the County and shall remain preserved for perpetuity. However, some other properties along the corridor suffer from high vacancy rates, or are under developed or remain undeveloped for speculative purposes.

Through this initiative, the City is seeking input from the community for a shared vision for future development along Hillsboro Boulevard. This vision would identify community values, such as but not limited to, our pride in the natural areas, City's trail system, safety and beautification of multi-modal opportunities along the corridor, etc. Other discussion items for this shared vision include design elements such as architecture style for the built environment along the entire corridor.

What do you think?

Let's share positive ideas on how to improve and enjoy the going back to school experience.

Thank you.

Broward commissioners voted unanimously to create a lighter penalty for people possessing 20 grams or less of marijuana through a new Cannabis Citation Program.  Citations may be issued in lieu of arrest and first degree misdemeanor charges. Discretion on how to handle offenders will remain with law enforcement. Any Broward city could vote to opt out of this program.  We seek your input in making this decision.  Please share your opinion.  Thank you.


In the news:

Local 10 News

Sun Sentinel 

What do you think?

Last summer, the City of Coconut Creek partnered with NSU to offer monthly Lifelong Learning Courses.  Some topics covered inlcuded, Popular Art of the 60s, Understanding World Conflict, and 50 Years of Ocean Science.  NSU professors present all classes where attendance has hovered around 70 people.  Classes are held on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM and are free to Coconut Creek residents.

So now we ask - what are some of your interests?  There are a range of topics from politics to poetry.  Please share your thoughts as we prepare next year's schedule.

Thank you.


Light Up the Knights Go Fund Me Campaign (

The Coconut Creek community is banning together on a grassroots campaign to raise funds for stadium lights for Monarch High School. The overall costs for the lights exceed $400,000, so if we reach that milestone, it would be amazing! But we will start with a goal of $200,000.

Most people have a sense of pride and show support for their community’s sports teams. If you attend any games you will notice that Coconut Creek residents are exceptional cheerleaders and fans.

We need YOU to rally with us to raise funds for Monarch High School’s outdoor stadium lights. The lights will allow the Knight’s Football Team to practice and eventually play on their home turf. The lights will also allow the school to support traditional homecomings and tailgating events. We are looking to create an all-inclusive memorable experience which includes school cheerleaders, soccer, flag football, and the Monarch band. We want to create team spirit at Monarch High!

Currently, the Knights Football team travels outside of city limits to train, play, and perform. We prefer to keep our students and their recreational activities in our city. Do you agree?

Please share your ideas on how to raise funds for the stadium lights or how to promote the Go Fund Me page:

Here are some public service announcements:

Animated PSA

Student Produced and Acted PSA

Thank you Creek!

Tell us what you think about your garbage and recycling services.  Are you satisfied with the service?  How do you feel about the weekly bulk and yard waste collection?  Is once a week recycling enough?

Note:  harsh or derogatory comments will be deleted.

In advance, thank you for helping to improve our services and our community.


Creek residents, share your funny, scary, or simply bizarre hurricane story.  Or, provide unique ideas for hurricane prep!

Keep this hurricane prep link handy.

Thank you.

A study of the City’s Community Bus Program is currently underway which may or may not result in changes to the existing program.  If you are a resident, frequent user of the Community Bus Service or parent of a student who utilizes the service, we are interested in hearing your input and ideas as it relates to the program.

We will be hosting a meeting on May 27th, 6:00 PM at the Coconut Creek Community Center (1100 Lyons Road) to discuss the Community Bus Program.  We highly encourage you to attend this meeting and/or share your opinion here on Speak Up Coconut Creek.

In the meantime, please take the Community Bus Service survey here.