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Light Up the Knights Go Fund Me Campaign (

The Coconut Creek community is banning together on a grassroots campaign to raise funds for stadium lights for Monarch High School. The overall costs for the lights exceed $400,000, so if we reach that milestone, it would be amazing! But we will start with a goal of $200,000.

Most people have a sense of pride and show support for their community’s sports teams. If you attend any games you will notice that Coconut Creek residents are exceptional cheerleaders and fans.

We need YOU to rally with us to raise funds for Monarch High School’s outdoor stadium lights. The lights will allow the Knight’s Football Team to practice and eventually play on their home turf. The lights will also allow the school to support traditional homecomings and tailgating events. We are looking to create an all-inclusive memorable experience which includes school cheerleaders, soccer, flag football, and the Monarch band. We want to create team spirit at Monarch High!

Currently, the Knights Football team travels outside of city limits to train, play, and perform. We prefer to keep our students and their recreational activities in our city. Do you agree?

Please share your ideas on how to raise funds for the stadium lights or how to promote the Go Fund Me page:

Here are some public service announcements:

Animated PSA

Student Produced and Acted PSA

Thank you Creek!