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The City of Coconut Creek, in partnership with the Broward County Parks and Recreation Department, is undertaking a visioning initiative to create a common vision for Hillsboro Boulevard.  As part of this initiative, the City has retained Dorsky + Yue International Architects as a consultant who will create a Vision Plan for the corridor. This Vision Plan shall not only focus on economic development along the corridor, but also showcase the existing environmental preserve areas along and around Hillsboro Boulevard.

Several natural areas along the Hillsboro Boulevard Corridor are owned by the County and shall remain preserved for perpetuity. However, some other properties along the corridor suffer from high vacancy rates, or are under developed or remain undeveloped for speculative purposes.

Through this initiative, the City is seeking input from the community for a shared vision for future development along Hillsboro Boulevard. This vision would identify community values, such as but not limited to, our pride in the natural areas, City's trail system, safety and beautification of multi-modal opportunities along the corridor, etc. Other discussion items for this shared vision include design elements such as architecture style for the built environment along the entire corridor.

What do you think?

    Idea: Art Village

    Cristina Ganz about 2 years ago

    Full disclosure: I am NOT a Coconut Creek resident, but I do live right next door in Deerfield Beach- just over the city line. I just wanted to offer a suggestion that I thought might be embraced. As an artist myself, I have found that it is hard to find studio space in North Broward. (outside of warehouse space) Every day I drive by the empty VCA building/lot and I think to myself, "THAT would make a cool little Artist Village." I can envision a variety of artists' studios surrounding a common courtyard. It could have a shop and once a month an "Art Walk" or other type of event at night. There is nothing like that in this part of Broward county. To experience that we currently need to go to Fort Lauderdale or Miami. What do you think, Coconut Creek?

    When looking at the area between NW 39th Ave and 441, it is clear that a unifying vision for the area is needed. There is a mix of old and new residential, mixed retail, the underutilized “Marketplace at Hillsboro” plaza, the nature preserve areas, and the eye sore and business deterrent that is Deenie’s Hideaway. When looking at this area, I think there are some small immediate changes that could a big impact as well as some longer term goals. First, the new Saw Palmetto natural area, just west of the Helen nature area, needs to be more attractive for the families that live back in that area as well as the new apartment buildings that are connected via sidewalk. Adding some mulch and a few play sets would go a long way to taking this space that is hardly used and making it a great area for families and kids. And by doing mulch there is no expensive lawn maintenance and it is non-invasive to the nature area. Additionally, the land that is just south is for sale and would make a great place for a dog park. There is no dog park in the northern part of the city and it is not quick to drive through all the lights south on Lyons to get to the one by the south community center. Both of these ideas go with the City’s plan to put parks near all residences and ties into the parks that are already there. And I am sure more residential will be coming to some part of this road so is provides more green space for everyone. Another short term goal needs to be to decrease the vacancy rates in the Hillsboro Marketplace plaza. The Planet fitness has been a great addition but more needs to be in there. Low cost offices might be a good idea or converted to light industrial. Some longer range goals would be to first get rid of Deenie’s so that businesses would be attracted to the area. Then, maybe another mixed use retail/office/residential area like the Promenade would be nice. This would allow all residence in this area to utilize the sidewalks to easily walk over there and walk around and cut down on some crowding in the Promenade. But that would also depend on what the City’s need for additional tax revenue is. Maybe it would be best to just hold on to some of the land on the south side of Hillsboro and see if it becomes more value for another purpose. Overall, there is a lot of potential for this land and I hope the City thinks about it carefully as many along this road will be affected by what is or is not done with it.