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You can be a part of a major change in our community!  We are embarking on improving Coconut Creek High School’s graduation rate and reputation.  Coconut Creek High School was the first high school constructed in the City; built in 1972.  With enrollment at 1,600, only 29% of the students are proficient in reading and 43% in math.  72% of the student body is considered economically challenged.  With these stats come a myriad of obstacles.  So our mission, if you choose to partake, is to set goals to help these kids become college or workforce-training ready. 

We have some ideas that may include a Medical Science Academy with an emphasis on EMT, Sports and Vet Medicine.  The School Board and the City intend to establish collaborative partnerships with the schools along the Education Corridor on Coconut Creek Parkway to assist with this substantial challenge. 
But we also want to hear from you.  What are your thoughts on the Medical Science Academy?  We also seek positive and constructive ideas on raising the status of this school.  Remember, it takes a village to raise a child.  Your input is appreciated.

Note:  any disparaging statements will be deleted from this conversation. 

Thank you.

    CCHS would benefit greatly from a complete out with the old, in with the new school model. I suggest that the BCSB create it as a pilot Charter School run by BCPS where the traditional school board rules and policies are relax to allow for innovation to take place. A charter school model would appeal to parents in the surrounding area and afar if you make it attractive. These are the things that can be done to revive this once notable educational institution: 1. CHANGE THE NAME- this will detach from its historical negative performance and problems 2. ADD SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS- the magnet programs mentioned and partnering with the schools in that corridor to offer certs and accelerated curriculums will do the trick- Don't obligate kids to take a four year HS diploma track, offer them an alternative that helps them end up in the same place- college and/or career ready. The schools in that areas can be a partner in this. 3. Create a business alliance that focuses on providing internships, OJT type opportunities, apprenticeships, paid work opportunities, and college days for these kids. Let them experience the real world as a part of their curriculum.
    4. Create a strong mentorship program by tapping the alumni of CCHS! Where is that CCHS pride? It has to be out there but it seems no one is speaking up and wanting to associate themselves with the school. Also, engage the local sororities, fraternities, and nonprofits to come on the CAMPUS TO SET UP SHOP. Resources are out there, but they need to be tapped and financed. 5. Use the SMART $ to remodel the entire school from its 1972 architecture to a State of the Art fresh look and feel. I am sure other schools need the same so why not do.
    6. HIRE the BEST TEACHERS in the COUNTRY, attract them with higher pay and incentives, such as international fellowships to enrich them professional; put them on an annual performance contract and watch them work their magic. I guarantee even local teachers will knock the doors down to teach there if you gave them a big bonus. If the school can boast about the caliber of teachers and leaders at the school, CCHS will have a waiting list. I'd even send my son there! 7. Staff the school with more reading and match coaches that work DURING THE DAY to help students who are not up to par academically. Give the kids incentives to learn because most of them actually don't have the confidence they can. 8. ASK THE STUDENTS!!! Why don't we turn to the students at the school and ask them what would make it a better, thriving environment. You might be surprised what you hear! it may not be as difficult or take as much as we think.

    My parting suggestion is DO NOT discount this school because the economic and racial demographic has been factored into it becoming a low performing school. It is proven that kids from low income homes want to succeed and can given the nurturing school environment and having high expectations placed upon them. They need to be told they can and there is a future for them and there are different pathways to success not just one. Dillard went from a F to an A or B so did Ely and so can CCHS. School have to meet the student where he/she is and customize (or give him/her an IEP) that gets them on track, It will take A LOT of resources and political will to make these types of innovations, but what do we have to lose? I say a lot. Each student that drops out or fails to read, write or do basic math because WE fail to make innovative changes that make a difference lose out on a future.

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    Stop passing children on from the elementary and middle school when they have failed to achieve minimum skills, i.e. reading, writing, math & ENGLISH! All you end up with in the high school is guaranteed failure and dropouts. Keep them out of high school until they are ready to handle a high school curriculum. We should not be sending students to a high school just because they have achieved a specific age. Teachers have a specific curriculum to teach and it relies on the student arriving academically prepared to begin learning that subject. Don't expect a high school teacher, who is tasked to teach an Algebra course, to do "catch up" with elementary math because the student has just been 'passed along'. Not prepared.... stay in the lower school until they are.

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    Idea: Fresh Start

    N Burkhardt over 2 years ago

    It seems like Coconut Creek High is a demoralized school. Just like the Dolphin's football team, It needs a fresh start. New boundaries, new teaching staff and new administrators. The school board decided at some point to create this school that bore no resemblance to a neighborhood school. I know that the commissioners tried their best to get the school board to get on board with preserving the school. They need to start all over again and give the school a reboot. Adding a magnet in medical careers would help too.

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    A magnet program will introduce rigor in all areas. Additionally, we are expanding Atlantic Tech High school. Please let us hear from you. Nora

    The demographics do not at all match the surrounding areas. If you look at the under performing nature of this school it is very similar to schools with similar demographics. Ely, Dillard, Boyd Anderson..... I have a son who is scheduled to start attending Coconut Creek next year and there is NO way I will allow him to attend such an underachieving school. Test scores are abysmal and the graduation rate is terrible (compared to state averages).

    Sandra Welch over 2 years ago

    Hi, Please know that any positive movement devoted to CCHS is a home run. I will definitely be a part of that "village". Will you?

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    Hi, Please know that any positive movement devoted to CCHS is a home run. I will definitely be a part of that "village". Will you?