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During this budget cycle, the City Commission approved funding in the Capital Improvement Program for the renovation of Windmill Park. 

City staff is reaching out to Coconut Creek residents to gather input regarding this 2.4 million dollar project.  Amenities that have been discussed to-date include but are not limited to: renovations to existing tennis, volleyball, basketball and racquet ball courts, the addition of pickle ball courts, improvements to the dog park, additional parking, and a fitness walking course with exercise equipment throughout the park.

Prior to developing the plans, staff is seeking input from residents regarding the aforementioned improvements and/or any additional improvements that residents would like the City to consider.  Public meetings will be held in an effort to obtain public input and, in addition to residents, the meetings will include participation of the City’s Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, as well as, the City Commission.   If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to provide input for consideration, please submit your input here. 

The deadline for submitting input is Thursday, February 26, 2015.

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Thank you for your input!


    We would like to enjoy the outdoor activities at Windmill Park. Seniors interest in Bocce and Pickleball has vastly increased as means for social interaction and low impact exercise.

    Jennifer Cafaro over 3 years ago

    It is my understanding that one of items up for discussion this evening includes demolishing two tennis courts at Windmill park and replacing them with pickle ball courts. All eight courts are in good condition and all eight courts are used by both the public and Eric Kantor Tennis Academy every day. If two courts are removed the children would not have enough space to practice and the adults would be forced to wait even longer for an available court. If this is being considered, it seems very irresponsible to consider tearing down two perfectly functioning courts to replace them with something else. If there is a desire from the public to see pickle ball courts installed, then the city should considering using space that is available or already in need of renovation.

    Eric Anderson over 3 years ago

    Has or would the City consider adding an aquatics complex similar to those of Pompano and Coral Springs? An aquatics complex with olympic size lap pool for swim classes, open lap swimming, kids swim programs, and shallow water pools for water-aerobics would be great amenities for all residents of Coconut Creek to utilize.

    I would suggest a bicycle trail if possible.

    Add a water fountain and more shade to the large dog area of the dog park. Also, mosquito traps would be nice for all three areas.