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Tell us what you think about your garbage and recycling services.  Are you satisfied with the service?  How do you feel about the weekly bulk and yard waste collection?  Is once a week recycling enough?

Note:  harsh or derogatory comments will be deleted.

In advance, thank you for helping to improve our services and our community.


    My daughter recently moved down from Gainesville where "green" is their middle name. She was part of a community composting progam, where she received a barrel that was picked-up on a weekly basis. She was able to get her roommates to also participate. We would definitely be on board and I am sure she would be apt for helping with this program as well. Her background is sustainability studies and environmental studies.

    I am very proud to be part of a City that is always looking to improve their green thumb and proactive in keeping their citizens "green-minded".

    Having weekly bulk on Mondays is the best thing about our services here, allowing us to to yard projects over the weekend and immediately be rid of the trash without having it lying around. We are big recyclers and sometimes find a bit of a squeeze with a once a week collection but not enough to want to pay for a second collection day or to offset the pollution from a second day's route being driven.

    Our biggest issue has been with Republic services randomly skipping either an entire side of our street or sometimes even just 3-4 houses on the block, and then taking their time to come back around, sometimes not returning until the next pickup day. I fixed that by calling 6 times in one day, speaking to a supervisor twice, and telling them I would forward any code violations for it sitting on the curb for 3 days to their offices, which has since resulted in them sending a man around the same afternoon since then when it happens, but I shouldnt have to escalate it so far to get them to correct their mistake in a timely fashion.