I know that the landfill is drawing them in, but there must be some way to get rid of them, they are multiplying like rats. Very unsightly. Did the lady who had the hawks have too much to handle. Yes I took the tour over a year ago.

Idea: Boring

Don Jay about 1 year ago

Feels like Coconut creek only attracts older people. There's no amusement for kids or teens 9r young adults. Basically everything does after 5pm

Composting is simple and an excellent way to help the environment.


New Charter School Opening in the Margate/Coconut Creek Area

Kindergarten - 7th Grade (8th Grade will be added next year)


5281 Coconut Creek Pkwy, Margate, FL

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I'm only a high school student, but I remember someone once came to my seventh grade class to ask what we wanted to see added to our community, and some kid suggested basketball hoops at Sabal Pines, which I thought was a great idea, but never happened. I love that park, and think basketball hoops would be a great addition. <3

How come so many parking spots are now closed? I heard a rumor that a new restaurant/winery is coming to the Promenade, but do we have to lose so many parking spots to the construction?

Let's not lower our standards for what we want this great City to become. Coconut Creek should opt out of this program and continue to punish those who use cannabis recreationally. Possessing 20 grams of marijuana is a tremendous amount of substance for one person.

Lin Aasved about 2 years ago

Review faculty. Are they up to the challenge of improving education? Can they tackle the challenges of a student body that seems to have no interest in performing well? Develop a relationship with parents and families. Parents must be included in the education of their children - to be aware and to help encourage their children to become good performers. Instill mentorship programs, wherein good students assist poorer performers, teaching them study habits and approaches to help raise grades. Fix building issues.

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Would love to see a restaurant move into Publix shopping center for families. Usually end up going to Coral Springs.. for dining.