We have contacted CCPD and BSO and have had zero change. We were informed that the "intersection" is Broward County. I am a Realtor in this area and showing houses on my street is EMBARRASSING. Buyers complain about traffic as much as the residents, and become uninterested. We have 2 kids that live at this corner home, soccer balls, softballs...etc can often end up in the street and we don't allow them to even get them. We have the wonderful man Jay, owner of Quick Stop, monitor our family walk back from his store, in fear of these students. The loud music coming from every 1 in 5 cars is as horrible as their lack of abiding traffic signs. This is just a race to make the green light. We thought we were going to have luck with the new stop lights, nothing changed. My husband suggest a flashing stop sign. I don't want to take away from our "cozy tight nit" neighborhood. We wish they would just be redirected back to "Broward College Dr" like the past. We have trash in our yards, trust me we are witnesses to people chucking it out of their windows. I spend a lot of money on my house, vehicles, children, business marketing which all reside in Coconut Creek. We would love for someone else to help.

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Yvonne Lopez, Community Relations Director admin over 2 years ago


The Police Department's traffic and patrol units will investigate this location for possible infractions. They will work with the college via the School Resource Officers to educate the students. We may also use sign boards to assist with improving this issue.

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Brandon Diaz over 2 years ago

Yesterday at 11am I observed 8 cars in a row blow this stop sign. I don't think occasional enforcement from CCPD is enough to address this problem. I also believe they have better things to do than babysit a stop sign. Broward College could remind students that they need to abide by the laws and treat the surrounding neighborhood better. I think speed humps and new signage would be a beneficial addition to 39 Avenue and help with the traffic issues. Any direction on how to get that done would be appreciated.