Linda Velazquez almost 3 years ago

Coconut Creek has reached its threshold for development. The schools have been overcrowded for years now. We do not need any more rental communities, homes, hotels or business buildings built. The school zones need to be re-adjusted again to ONLY include Coconut Creek residents. Not Pompano, Margate, Parkland or Coral Springs. STOP THE MADNESS, LET GO OF YOUR GREED!!

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Yvonne Lopez, Community Relations Director admin almost 3 years ago

The City of Coconut Creek is one of the few cities in Broward County that is still in the development stage; meaning that we still have room for growth. The City is making every effort to guide such growth in a responsible manner while recognizing the development rights of property owners.

According to Mr. Webster, Coordinator, Legislative Affairs, Broward County Schools, Monarch High School is the only school in Coconut Creek that is slightly overcrowded. While the City has the opportunity for input, the Broward County School Board is responsible for setting school boundaries.

Thank you for your comments. Feel free to contact the Community Relations Division should you have further questions: 954.973.6722.

Frank Dima over 1 year ago

Traffic is a nightmare, schools are overcrowded and crime is on the rise. Stop before our city is destroyed by growth. Get back to nature not concrete!

Declan Kumm at May 14, 2018 at 10:16am EDT

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