There is NO excuse to let people park overnight on residential streets just because they have a wheel on the grass. Last I checked isnt that grass city property? NOT homeowner property. I live in Centura Parc neighborhood, and EVERYONE has at least a two car garage and a driveway, PARK ON THEIR DRIVEWAY. My neighborhood at night looks like a used car dealership! Some people have parked halfway on the grass!

This exception to the overnight parking rule needs to stop! NO OVERNIGHT parking on residential streets - NO exceptions!

Would love to see a restaurant move into Publix shopping center for families. Usually end up going to Coral Springs.. for dining.

The school is of such poor quality that it hurts the real estate values in the south end of he city. Why is it called Coconut Creek High if only 10 percent of the kids are from Creek. Another idea is to force the school board to make it a full magnet school that does have a zone boundary like Pompano High.

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David Mioduszewski almost 2 years ago

How come so many parking spots are now closed? I heard a rumor that a new restaurant/winery is coming to the Promenade, but do we have to lose so many parking spots to the construction?

redo the banks of the canals so erosion will be stopped.

Let's not lower our standards for what we want this great City to become. Coconut Creek should opt out of this program and continue to punish those who use cannabis recreationally. Possessing 20 grams of marijuana is a tremendous amount of substance for one person.

Frank Dima over 2 years ago

Stop over building.... no more apartments.... Creek needs a few more schools cause currently ours are way overcrowded!!! Definitely no hotels to increase a current traffic problem!!! Help residents battle this FEMA flood zone mapping we luckily got stuck with!!! My property is 15 ft above sea level how am I now in a flood zone!!!

I know that the landfill is drawing them in, but there must be some way to get rid of them, they are multiplying like rats. Very unsightly. Did the lady who had the hawks have too much to handle. Yes I took the tour over a year ago.

I know this is a private enterprise kind of thing, but I would love to see a Fresh Market located in Coconut Creek....and so would many other folks!

Some cities around Broward County began changing their street lights from old orange incandescent to clean white LED lights. I think it not only makes the streets more visible but is also clean and modern looking. With all the work that we have been doing on Lyons rd., wouldn't it be great to continue with this modernization of our city? (Not to mention the reduction in energy!)

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