I had read that a pickle ball court was to be added at Windmill Park. What happened to that idea? It would be a great addition.

this street has grass that has gone to seed. The intersection by Winston Park Blvd needs to have sod put down. The intersection needs to be sodded. as you walk the bugs attack you, so the area needs to be sprayed.

It seems that some of our residents in Sorbet Estates, near Lyons Creek Middle School are ignoring the laws regarding illegal fireworks, and late night noise. In the last two weeks, there have been several very LOUD explosions, which sound like "M80" type fireworks. Last night there was one at 12:30 AM, which scared my pets and woke me up in a very unpleasant manner.

It would be nice if the City could remind residents that fireworks like these are illegal, not to mention just plain rude in a densely populated area.

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Very dangerous intersection. Would help traffic in and around promenade

The landscape in Winston Park, on the east side of Winston Park Blvd is unattractive. There are big patches of dirt with no mulch and over grown shrubs. Also in the 21 years that I have lived in Winston Park, Winston Park Blvd has never been repaved. It has gotten very old and bumpy and unattractive.

We need our Police officers to be special trained in dealing with the special needs population here in creek as this city has grown in many years so has our kids/teen/adults with special needs and there families are in need of a lot of services and safety issues.

Frank Dima over 2 years ago

Stop over building.... no more apartments.... Creek needs a few more schools cause currently ours are way overcrowded!!! Definitely no hotels to increase a current traffic problem!!! Help residents battle this FEMA flood zone mapping we luckily got stuck with!!! My property is 15 ft above sea level how am I now in a flood zone!!!

Carolyn Kraham over 2 years ago

Stop building apartment & townhome complexes. Stop overcrowding our community and schools. Build more schools to handle the children from all the recently built apartments & townhomes. No more building! We're starting to feel like a concrete jungle!

Linda Velazquez over 2 years ago

Coconut Creek has reached its threshold for development. The schools have been overcrowded for years now. We do not need any more rental communities, homes, hotels or business buildings built. The school zones need to be re-adjusted again to ONLY include Coconut Creek residents. Not Pompano, Margate, Parkland or Coral Springs. STOP THE MADNESS, LET GO OF YOUR GREED!!

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Enough is enough! Over the last 14 years I've seen beautiful trees cut down and concrete put up! Enough apartments! Enough town homes! No more hotels!