Linda Velazquez almost 3 years ago

Coconut Creek has reached its threshold for development. The schools have been overcrowded for years now. We do not need any more rental communities, homes, hotels or business buildings built. The school zones need to be re-adjusted again to ONLY include Coconut Creek residents. Not Pompano, Margate, Parkland or Coral Springs. STOP THE MADNESS, LET GO OF YOUR GREED!!

Enough is enough! Over the last 14 years I've seen beautiful trees cut down and concrete put up! Enough apartments! Enough town homes! No more hotels!

Renee Henry almost 3 years ago

is this still moving forward? what are the dates of completion? will it be both rental residences and residences for purchase (such as townhomes, and condos?)

Renee Henry almost 3 years ago

REDO THE WHOLE PARK OVER. Put grass for the dogs, transplant some large trees and let in some sun, get dog friendly flowering dwarfed trees. A llittle dog park, a big dog park and big little mix park. I also can draw up some nice plans, if needed.

For the kids:..remove the hard dangerous mulch and put recycled rubber flooring. and a water fountain feature shooting water out the floor for the hot lovvvve that!

For the basketball: put benches so the ball players can sit and any watchers.

Toxic waste disposal-have no where to dump-this is getting very dangerous and possibly our landfill is getting contaminated because we cannot use the collection site in pompano.

Would like to see a traffic light between winston park Blvd and the Sawgrass on Lyons Rd for safer driving access to and from the Publix plaza

There are several deli's here in Coconut Creek, all of which are only open for breakfast and lunch. None are open for dinner.

I know this is a private enterprise kind of thing, but I would love to see a Fresh Market located in Coconut Creek....and so would many other folks!

Wes Reynolds over 3 years ago

Speak Up Coconut Creek... a great idea for everyone to share ideas and discuss! Regarding the sign in front of the recreation center on Lyons Road... how many will notice it on the East side of the road, facing the Southbound lanes? Maybe it could be moved/rotated to become more visible. Also the sign has a typo.