WIND MILL Dog park doesn't seem to take well to grass, so it is always muddy Without a means of washing mud and dirt off of our pets, it makes it very difficult and unappealing to come to the park. Most other dog parks in the vicinity have hoses! It is a totally inexpensive improvement that is very critical to the enjoyment and use of the park

Recently read about another city in Broward that had set up a gift card program. Cards could be purchased to pay for such things as gym memberships, classes, etc. Any chance Coco Creek might consider a similar program?

Starbucks? Dunkin Donuts and a family style restaurant

FPL is still charging all of us a fuel surcharge. Gas prices have dropped so shouldn't this be adjusted.

Schedule shred/hazardous waste events regularly, e.g. monthly/quarterly.

I came on here thinking that I could ask a question. This forum is only designed to give ideas for improvements. Well, here is my idea for an improvement.

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Some cities around Broward County began changing their street lights from old orange incandescent to clean white LED lights. I think it not only makes the streets more visible but is also clean and modern looking. With all the work that we have been doing on Lyons rd., wouldn't it be great to continue with this modernization of our city? (Not to mention the reduction in energy!)

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Welcome sign at entrance to Coconut Creek with solar accent lights/ garden with small fountain coconut palms along right side of entrance road.


Marilyn Wright over 3 years ago

They are building a new exit ramp at the above location. This brings the traffic very close to the Tallowwood Isle location and is dangerous. According to Christine Giradin the Public Safety Officer this is not a real exit???? so does not qualify for the Turnpike rules that a barrier should be erected when a new lane is added. This new lane is now approximately 25 ft from the park. Had this been adjacent to high priced housing I am sure there would have been no hesitation in erecting the barrier. It seems that seniors are of no importance and their safety is not relevant.

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The school is of such poor quality that it hurts the real estate values in the south end of he city. Why is it called Coconut Creek High if only 10 percent of the kids are from Creek. Another idea is to force the school board to make it a full magnet school that does have a zone boundary like Pompano High.

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