It seems that some of our residents in Sorbet Estates, near Lyons Creek Middle School are ignoring the laws regarding illegal fireworks, and late night noise. In the last two weeks, there have been several very LOUD explosions, which sound like "M80" type fireworks. Last night there was one at 12:30 AM, which scared my pets and woke me up in a very unpleasant manner.

It would be nice if the City could remind residents that fireworks like these are illegal, not to mention just plain rude in a densely populated area.

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Frank Dima almost 3 years ago

Stop over building.... no more apartments.... Creek needs a few more schools cause currently ours are way overcrowded!!! Definitely no hotels to increase a current traffic problem!!! Help residents battle this FEMA flood zone mapping we luckily got stuck with!!! My property is 15 ft above sea level how am I now in a flood zone!!!

I came on here thinking that I could ask a question. This forum is only designed to give ideas for improvements. Well, here is my idea for an improvement.

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