To help improve the South part of the city my recommendation is to place a water fountain in windmill Lake. As people are traveling north on Lyons just entering our city they will have the opportunity to see the fountain.

I'm only a high school student, but I remember someone once came to my seventh grade class to ask what we wanted to see added to our community, and some kid suggested basketball hoops at Sabal Pines, which I thought was a great idea, but never happened. I love that park, and think basketball hoops would be a great addition. <3

Renee Henry almost 3 years ago

REDO THE WHOLE PARK OVER. Put grass for the dogs, transplant some large trees and let in some sun, get dog friendly flowering dwarfed trees. A llittle dog park, a big dog park and big little mix park. I also can draw up some nice plans, if needed.

For the kids:..remove the hard dangerous mulch and put recycled rubber flooring. and a water fountain feature shooting water out the floor for the hot lovvvve that!

For the basketball: put benches so the ball players can sit and any watchers.

WIND MILL Dog park doesn't seem to take well to grass, so it is always muddy Without a means of washing mud and dirt off of our pets, it makes it very difficult and unappealing to come to the park. Most other dog parks in the vicinity have hoses! It is a totally inexpensive improvement that is very critical to the enjoyment and use of the park