There is NO excuse to let people park overnight on residential streets just because they have a wheel on the grass. Last I checked isnt that grass city property? NOT homeowner property. I live in Centura Parc neighborhood, and EVERYONE has at least a two car garage and a driveway, PARK ON THEIR DRIVEWAY. My neighborhood at night looks like a used car dealership! Some people have parked halfway on the grass!

This exception to the overnight parking rule needs to stop! NO OVERNIGHT parking on residential streets - NO exceptions!

It seems that some of our residents in Sorbet Estates, near Lyons Creek Middle School are ignoring the laws regarding illegal fireworks, and late night noise. In the last two weeks, there have been several very LOUD explosions, which sound like "M80" type fireworks. Last night there was one at 12:30 AM, which scared my pets and woke me up in a very unpleasant manner.

It would be nice if the City could remind residents that fireworks like these are illegal, not to mention just plain rude in a densely populated area.

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Linda Velazquez over 2 years ago

Coconut Creek has reached its threshold for development. The schools have been overcrowded for years now. We do not need any more rental communities, homes, hotels or business buildings built. The school zones need to be re-adjusted again to ONLY include Coconut Creek residents. Not Pompano, Margate, Parkland or Coral Springs. STOP THE MADNESS, LET GO OF YOUR GREED!!

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Wes Reynolds about 3 years ago

Speak Up Coconut Creek... a great idea for everyone to share ideas and discuss! Regarding the sign in front of the recreation center on Lyons Road... how many will notice it on the East side of the road, facing the Southbound lanes? Maybe it could be moved/rotated to become more visible. Also the sign has a typo.